Restoring the balance in your life

Welcome to Life and Balance

Emotional and physical therapies for health, positive living and balanced change.

Welcome to Life and Balance!

My name is Tracy Jouhning and I am a fully qualified Bach Flower Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and T’ai Chi Chih Teacher, based near Chichester in West Sussex.

My clinic is served by local transport and there is free on road parking. Chichester train station is 3 miles away.

My aim is to support you to feel happier, healthier and able to face life’s stresses and challenges using simple, natural and effective tools and many years of experience.

I will help you to make positive changes, explore your challenges, improve self-awareness and self-acceptance. Combining Bach flower remedies, Reiki and Astrology to suit client’s needs and also teach an easy to learn moving meditation called T’ai Chi Chih either 1-2-1 or in groups.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

- Nikola Tesla


Bach flower remedies

Bach International Trainer 2010

Bach Practitioner 2006

T’ai Chi Chih

Teacher 2011

Reflexology/ Anatomy, Physiology and massage ITEC 1992 & 1993


Practitioner 2005

Teacher 2008


Certificate in Counselling Skills 2007

Complementary Therapist Volunteer, Fernhurst Centre (Oncology) 2012-2017

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach discovered the remedies in the 1930’s. They have been used safely and effectively ever since by all ages for emotional wellbeing and good mental health. The whole system consists of 37 natural flower remedies and 1 natural spring water source. Each remedy is for a different mood, emotion, negative state of mind or personality type. Their action is to gently restore the balance between mind, body and spirit by helping to overcome negative attitudes. Negative emotions and thoughts can cause us a great deal of unhappiness and discontent in our lives and damage our physical health. The remedies are an effective, simple way of restoring emotional balance and harmony in our often hectic and stressful lives. They help in all areas of our lives.


Reiki (Ray-key) is a natural hands-on/off healing technique re-discovered and practiced by Dr Mikao Usui (1865-1930) Reiki means Universal life force energy. In Japanese the word ‘Rei’ means ‘Universal’ and ‘ki’ means vital ‘Life-force’ Ki, chi, prana or mana has been identified by many cultures. Similar concepts are used in complementary therapies such as reflexology, acupuncture, and shiatsu. Vibrational medicines such as flower remedies also work on an energetic level. Reiki is a method which can be offered in person or via distant healing. It is not a religion or faith based therapy and works on all levels in a gentle, supportive way.

T'ai Chi Chih®

'Joy Thru Movement'

T’ai Chi Chih is not a martial art, religion or exercise. It is a form of Chi Kung/Qigong, devised in 1974 by T’ai Chi Ch’uan Master Justin Stone. A series of 19 gentle movements and 1 pose. This moving meditation circulates and balances the life energy within the body. T’ai Chi is a synonym for ‘Tao’ or ‘The Way’ ‘Chih’ means knowledge or knowing.

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The Essence of You

Having developed a new and unique way of working with clients over the past 11 years I am pleased to offer self-awareness sessions for clients providing deeper understanding and clarity combining Astrology and Bach Flower Remedies. Clients are gently encouraged to reflect and learn about the different aspects of their personality, belief systems, conditioning, coping strategies and life experiences which contribute to their suffering and frustration. The overall mood and expectations are discovered too. Improves all areas of life - work, family life, relationships and everyday living. By using a personal mix of Bach flower remedies, clients easily feel more relaxed and re-balanced.

Wellbeing Retreats

Field Cottage Studio- Book now!

Relax and restore mind, body and spirit in Field Cottage Studio with weekend retreats. Located in the countryside and near the beach, couples or individuals are able to combine 3 sessions each of Bach flower remedies including a personal blend to take home, a Reiki session and T’ai Chi Chih taster lesson. Returning home feeling positive and supported this is a valuable and life enhancing experience which can also be continued via telephone and Zoom if required. There is also plenty of flexible time to explore the beautiful area – great coastal walks and cycling, award winning sandy beaches, interesting towns and villages, The South Downs and plenty of places to eat.

Bereavement Support

In memory of my late husband John Gibbons (1961-2017) I run a local support group for bereaved young adults in the Chichester area. With your whole life is ahead of you expectations and dreams are shattered with a heartbreaking loss. The grief process is often overwhelming, lonely and incredibly hard to navigate. Bereavement as a young adult brings complicated challenges and people feel very isolated, depressed, anxious and helpless. This is an opportunity to find connection, support and help at any stage if you are bereaved in your late teens to early 30’s. Groups are small and Bach flower remedies, Reiki and T’ai Chi Chih are all incorporated in a short course to provide positive, gentle support. With your loved one in your heart you can bloom and flourish again– there is still hope and a beautiful Life out there for you. Get in touch for more information and course details.

Depression & low mood



Overthinking & worry

Sleep problems



Bereavement & loss

Insomnia & sleep disorders


Loneliness & isolation

Parenting and children

Past issues

Physical symptoms


Life changes

Spiritual seeking

Exams and studying

All ages & stages

Work challenges

Family life

Peace of mind

Health & fitness goals


Goals and dreams

Emotional well-being


Increase happiness & joy

Illness and health concern



Boundary setting & needs

Effective communication





Loneliness & disconnection

Irritability & impatience



Mental health

Personality in-balance

Life purpose & meaning

There are no contraindications for Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki and T’ai Chi Chih as they can all be adapted to suit client needs and challenges. The flower remedies are preserved in brandy. If in any doubt about suitability for Life and Balance therapies please consult your GP.

Some frequently asked questions...

How many sessions will I need?

All sessions are discussed and client led according to expectations, goals and progress.

Bach Flower Remedy consultations and Reiki can be done face to face in Birdham or via telephone.

Bach Flower Remedies

Typically 6 sessions will cover the issues and challenges, rebalances the moods, feelings and emotions and promotes self-awareness. Maintenance or one-off sessions are also available.


Reiki can be used for physical and emotional well-being to support the work with BFR’s, on its own or for ongoing wellness and relaxation. Reiki energy is cumulative and builds so regular sessions are very beneficial.

What happens during a session?

Bach Flower Remedies

Phone or face-to-face consultations usually last for an hour and are very much like a counseling session. This is a talking therapy with a twist. We explore the story, challenges and issues and then make up a bespoke mix of remedies to encourage balance and emotional wellbeing. Personality traits, emotions, feelings and moods are all identified in a non-judgmental way. All discussions are strictly confidential and in accordance with legal requirements. My approach is a very warm, friendly and professional. This is a safe, empathic place to share and be heard fully. Various actions or additional tools may be suggested including journaling, gentle and effective communication techniques, and other self-care and nurturing based on each consultation and client needs.


Reiki flows automatically when the practitioner’s hands are placed on or above the body or the intention is set to send Reiki remotely. The energy flows through my energetic system and is drawn by the recipient. The Reiki is an ‘intelligent’ energy which naturally flows where required without direction but intentions are set for the highest good and in a loving and supportive way. Each Reiki session is different and individual. It can be given on a couch or chair and recipients are fully-clothed. No manipulation or substances are involved and it can be used in conjunction with other therapies and orthodox medicine. We discuss the experience and reflect on the session. Reiki can benefit everyone and is simple, natural and safe. I teach all levels of Reiki in Birdham, near Chichester.

What will I notice following a session?

Bach Flower Remedies

Having discussed the story and explored the issues, the mix of different remedies is taken 4 times a day from a dropper bottle, until balance is restored and a new way of being is experienced. Bach flower remedies are very effective, safe and simple to use for everyone from babies to the elderly. The effects are subtle and often felt quickly. As the energy is rebalanced you may notice your awareness of the feeling/ mood has increased which is helpful. Our feelings are communicating to us and with the support of the Bach flower remedies we are able to acknowledge them and move on.

When we feel happier our behaviour and responses change and we become accustomed to feeling more balanced and peaceful, able to fulfil our potential at all stages of life. A full sheet of information is included with the mix of remedies.


Sometimes warmth, cold or tingling sensations may be felt. Recipients sometimes see colours and images. Past issues can be seen and unlocked. Reiki offers clarity from a new perspective which in turn facilitates healing, acceptance and a release from old limiting beliefs and habits. Sessions are often extremely relaxing and often recipients fall asleep or feel very peaceful. It is not directed to achieving specific ends or personal goals but it is used in an open way for positive change. The Reiki is believed to direct itself naturally to wherever it is most needed. It is more likely to give the recipient what he/she needs rather than what they think they want. Reiki encourages us to trust and have faith in ourselves and the universe and go with the ‘flow’.

The Essence of You:

The Journey to Self-discovery & Happiness

The challenges and key areas are identified easily with your birth chart, and a personal mix of Bach flower remedies is blended to cover the aspects discussed. This mix is then simply taken over a period of 3 weeks. Clients are encouraged to keep a few notes or start a journal to record the self-discovery journey and insights. Progress can often be felt quickly, and changes or goals achieved in a fairly short time.

Typically, clients have 6 sessions and then occasional 'maintenance' or help for future acute situations. Personality traits are often complex, confusing and difficult to understand. This model provides simple insight and understanding for everyone - all ages. If you are ready to discover what really makes you 'tick' and experience a new way of 'being', then this is a simple and effective way to live your life. Enjoy more peace and happiness. Feel more connected and fulfilled.

‘There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness.’

-Dr Edward Bach

‘Hello, I’m Sam’

Balance for all the family

This adorable bear is called Sam (Sun, Ascendant, and Moon) and has been created to illustrate a helpful guide to understanding, encouraging and loving your children using astrological birth charts and Bach Flower Remedies.

The guide can be used for yourself too! Understanding what makes your child the way they are is so helpful. Where are the strengths, potential and challenges for your little, or not-so-little cub? Sam explains the importance of Feelings and Emotions and this simple little guide is illuminating for all ages.

The way the personal energy moves and creates story becomes clearer, less personal and ‘sticky’. Individual personality profiles can also be ordered and emailed as a pdf document. Bach Flower Remedy consultations for children via the phone with a parent or guardian include the mix of remedies and a little positive, personal note from Sam which is posted and usually received the next day.

T’ai Chi Chih

T’ai Chi Chih students have reported benefits including increased vitality, relief from ailments, feeling less stressed and more relaxed, as well as improved balance, flexibility, peace of mind, mental focus, emotional balance; strength and spiritual evolution. Beginners will learn the entire form in 8-10 weeks (1 hour class).

People of all ages and abilities are welcome, and it can be done either standing or seated. Movements are slow and gentle but students are responsible for their safety and work within their own capabilities. There is more information regarding research and health benefits on the Tai Chi Chih website www.taichichih.org

Get in touch

Contact me if you would like to have a chat about any of the therapies, retreats, birth charts, tuition and support group.

Text or call to book appointments: 07941520964

You may like to contact your GP to ensure that your stress symptoms are not linked to an underlying medical condition.

  • Bach flower remedies contain alcohol. Do not use if taking Metronidazole or Disulfram
  • Bach flower remedies are safe for pregnant women, babies, children and the elderly. The alcohol content is very small. There are ways of avoiding/minimising the alcohol, so call for more information. If you are unsure please discuss with your GP
  • Reiki and Bach flower remedies can be used alongside conventional medicines because they act in a complementary way with no side-effects or contraindications. However, they do not take the place of medical treatment and conventional medicine.
  • T’ai Chi Chih is a gentle moving meditation. Students practise within their own physical limitations either standing or sitting.

Check with your GP if you are unsure about your suitability

My location

I am based in Birdham situated 3 miles South of Chichester.

Bach flower remedy consultations, The Essence of You including Sam consultations are usually on the phone and the mix of remedies is posted 1st Class.

Reiki is offered in Birdham or via distant healing.

Clients are welcome in the clinic in Birdham. There is 1-1 T’ai Chi Chih tuition in Birdham and small private groups by arrangement.

Weekend breaks and retreats available at Field Cottage Studio and privately in UK and abroad (contact me for quotation and fees) Group sessions for Bach flower remedies in the Workplace by arrangement.

Fees & availability

Bach Flower Remedies

Initial Consultation £50 plus £5 P&P if required

  • Ongoing Reiki and Bach consultations £40 plus £5 P&P if required

The Essence of You

  • Mix of personal remedies & personality report pdf £65 plus P&P


  • Reiki in Birdham £40 1 hour
  • Reiki distant healing £25 for 30 minutes
  • Reiki 1,2, 3 and Teacher Attunements from £120

T’ai Chi Chih Moving Meditation

  • Group sessions by arrangement from £12 per person
  • T’ai Chi Chih private tuition from £40 per session

Weekend Retreats

Contact me for individually tailored 2 day packages and availability including accommodation, breakfast supplies and Bach flower remedies, Reiki and T’ai Chi Chih.

  • Accommodation from £85 per night per couple, retreat packages available


Availability normal working hours, evenings and weekends by appointment only.

Cash, bank transfer and cards accepted.

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What my clients say...