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'...the flower remedies have definitely been good for me and I'd recommend them to anyone. I am a lot more positive at present. Thank you for your support and patience'


'Initially I was sceptical about the remedies, but I have to admit they have helped me. Thanks'


'Thank you for today. I feel so relaxed'


I have always found the Bach flower remedies helpful in times of stress as has (my daughter).

I really enjoyed the Bach Level 1 course as it gave me a lot of interesting information about the remedies that we had been taking as well as an understanding of how to make mixes up for myself and others.


I was introduced to Bach flower remedies by Tracy a few years ago.  At first I was quite a sceptic, (I'm a down to earth Yorkshire lass) however, the combination of her consultations with my personalised mixes have been very effective and any worries I have had, have disappeared within a few days.  I seem to gain a new perspective.  I am no longer a sceptic and really believe the essences work.  I now buy my own Bach flower remedies, at the moment I have some Walnut and I always carry Rescue Remedy.  Since being introduced to them, I have discovered some of my work colleagues also take Bach flower remedies, especially Rescue Remedy for when feeling overwhelmed in stressful situations.


I've just done the nineteen moves and it was really good.  I like it when I can switch off the various distractions (most of the time at least) and just feel the TCC working its magic.

I have used Bach flower remedies on several occasions particularly during challenging or stressful situations when it's sometimes hard to maintain a positive outlook.


I have found Bach flowers to be really helpful in calming down negative, impatient or overexcited thoughts or reactions and thereby in balancing emotions.

I would definitely continue to use them whenever I feel the need for additional support.


I have used my Bach Flower Remedies on and off for many years and am always pleasantly surprised at how well they work and how subtle the changes are that occur. I am happy in the knowledge that they are safe to use with any other meds I am on but will give me and my body the support it needs. I also have used them on my dogs with great success, using them mainly as a calming aid for my more hyper or over excited type customers and also the nervous ones.


Reiki....healing hands with Tracy. Helped me get through a gruelling round of chemotherapy treatment. I am certain it helped to relax me and left me feeling great at a particularly difficult time.


T'ai Chi Chih student.....Practice needed but you will definitely feel the benefits. Great for keeping you relaxed , calm and oh so chilled when life is stressful.


…it was because of your enthusiasm about the remedies and the simplicity of them which made me want to do the next level…..



Thank you so much for your time and expertise today! It was wonderful to see you at work and to benefit ourselves from your amazing, insightful consultations. You have genuine warmth and a natural ability to put people at ease in peeling back their layers!



Tracy has helped me so much over the past (? How long?) in so many ways.  When I first had a consultation with her I felt very depressed and physically drained because of various health conditions, including M.E, fibromyalgia and arthritis, all long term issues which I had been finding it really difficult to cope with.  Tracy is a very good listener and I immediately felt that she understood exactly how I felt – something I felt that my GP did not do. She quickly put me at my ease and I felt I could tell her thoughts and feelings   I had been keeping to myself- anger, guilt, despair.  After asking lots of interesting questions she created (put together?) a remedy specifically for me and was happy to explain what the different remedies were for.  I have consulted Tracy many times since then and I definitely feel that Bach remedies are helping me. I feel much happier, less guilty about having to ask others for help and overall I feel fitter as I am at last getting my life into better balance. I’ve tried many complementary therapies over the past few years but Bach is the one I am sticking with. Tracy is empathic and compassionate and so easy to talk to so just contact her soon and see what Bach remedies can do for you.



I am really pleased about the success of the remedies and would, and have, recommended you to others.  You are a delightful person to work with, and that makes a lot of difference to the success of treatments as well.




I would like to share my experience of Bach flower remedies and practitioner Tracy Gibbons.

In 2014 I suffered two TIA’s and was immediately taken off HRT which I had been using for 24 years.


This left me feeling emotionally and physically under par. I felt depressed, anxious and unable to cope with day to day living.


A friend recommended Tracy Gibbons to me.


Tracy came over to my house every 3 weeks and discussed my needs and prepared several different Bach flower remedies. She adjusted them each time and now 4 months later I feel so much better.


It is really amazing!


I feel calmer, happier and able to relax.


I am now able to cope with situations that used to worry and make me feel extremely anxious.


It has made my life worth living again.


I cannot recommend Tracy highly enough.




Testimonials from clients and students