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T'ai Chi Chih® -  'Joy Thru Movement'


T’ai Chi Chih is not a martial art, religion or exercise.

It is a form of Chi Kung/Qigong, devised in 1974 by T’ai Chi Ch’uan Master - Justin Stone


A series of 19 gentle movements and 1 pose.

This moving meditation circulates and balances the life energy within the body.


T’ai Chi is a synonym for ‘Tao’ or ‘The Way’    ‘Chih’ means knowledge or knowing.


T’ai Chi Chih students have reported benefits including increased vitality, relief from ailments, feel less stressed and more relaxed, as well as improved balance, flexibility, peace of mind, mental focus, emotional balance; strength and spiritual evolution.


Beginners will learn the entire form in 12 weeks (1 hour class).


People of all ages and abilities are welcome, and it can be done either standing or seated.


Movements are slow and gentle but students are responsible for their safety and work within their own capabilities.


There is more information regarding research and health benefits on the Tai Chi Chih website  www.taichichih.org