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You may like to contact your GP to ensure that your stress symptoms are not linked to an underlying medical condition


•Bach flower remedies contain alcohol. Do not use if taking Metronidazole or Disulfram


•Bach flower remedies are safe for pregnant women, babies, children and the elderly. The alcohol content is very small. There are ways of avoiding/minimising the alcohol, so call for more information. If you are unsure please discuss with your GP

Remedies without an alcohol preservative are available - please ask for details


•Reiki and Bach flower remedies can be used alongside conventional medicines because they act in a complementary way with no side-effects or contraindications.

However, they do not take the place of medical treatment and conventional medicine.


•T’ai Chi Chih is a gentle moving meditation. Students practise within their own physical limitations either standing or sitting. Check with your GP if you are unsure about your suitability

Sensible precautions and common sense