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Your initial consultation will last 90 minutes



Further sessions will typically be 60 minutes



Call or email to discuss how this unique way of working will help you.


Tracy Gibbons


01243 514909


07941 520964




Note: This is also effective for children and teens of all ages. It helps them, and their parents, to understand feelings and personality traits. They are safe and gentle to use.


'Behaviour' type problems are often a symptom of hard to express feelings or challenging personality energies.


Ask about concessions for children.


Please call to find out more.


Consultations can be conducted on the phone.




A new exciting personality profile suitable for everyone.

Simple self-awareness and effective solutions.

Clients are gently encouraged to reflect and learn about the different aspects of their personality, belief systems, conditioning, coping strategies and life experiences which contribute to their suffering and frustration.

The overall mood and expectations are discovered too.


General sessions, or very specific areas of life can be explored in a non-judgmental and supportive way.

Improve all areas of your life includng work, family life, relationships and everyday living.


By using a personal mix of Bach flower remedies, clients easily feel more relaxed and re-balanced.


The challenges and key areas are identified easily, and a personal mix, which is blended to cover the aspects dscussed, is made for each client. This mix is then simply taken over a period of 3 weeks.


Clients are encouraged to keep a few notes or start a journal to record the self-discovery journey and insights.


Progress can often be felt quickly, and changes or goals achieved in a fairly short time.


Typically, clients have 6 sessions and then occasional 'maintenance' or help for acute situations.











Having developed a new and unique way of working with clients over the past 5 years,Tracy Gibbons is pleased to offer self-awareness sessions for clients which really offer deeper understanding and clarity.

Personality traits are often complex, confusing and difficult to understand.

This model provides simple insight and understanding for everyone - all ages.

If you are ready to discover what really makes you 'tick' and experience a new way of 'being',then this is a simple and effective way to live your life.


Enjoy more peace and happiness. Feel more connected and fulfilled.

   Simple balance and clarity


   The Essence of Personality         Polarity of Personality 

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