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Copyright Tracy Gibbons June 2011

Bach Flower Remedies - Feelings List

How are you feeling today?


Tries to avoid uncomfortable feelings (self and others) - distracts and pretends that everything is OK

Laughs at and makes ‘light’ of feelings/life.


Spooked, dread, fear & anxiety, apprehension, uneasy, creepy feeling. All with an unknown reason/source.


Critical, unsympathetic, intolerant of others, contemptuous, fails to see life through other's eyes.


Finds it hard to say ‘no’ and set boundaries - feels a great need to serve/help others.


Can make decisions but then doubts own judgement. Needs confirmation from others.

Cherry Plum

Fears being out of control physically and/or mentally, perhaps doing something uncontrollable in a fit of rage or temper.


Crab Apple

Chestnut Bud

Stuck - but not aware why, not learning or slow to learn from mistakes and experience.




Feeling lonely and unheard, needing people to listen to problems.



Hateful, envious, jealous, vengeful, suspicious, greedy (aggessive energy)    



Nostalgic, wistful, homesick, regretful. Living in/thoughts of the past.

Irritated at delay, short of patience and time. Everything/one is too slow.




Feels inferior, expects failure, no self-confidence - 'I can't'

Known fear of something; for example, heights, darkness, spiders, death, being alone, poverty, other people, phobias. Shy, embarrassed, timid, self-conscious/nervous, anxious for a known reason.

Very low mood and gloom with no known cause - unexplained melancholy or sadness.



Have to keep going (slowly) and never give up hope, brave and determined to overcome obstacles  -  even when ill or during difficult times. Dutiful. Ignores tiredness and plods on.

Mental and physical exhaustion after making an effort, for example following an illness/difficult times.


Guilt and regrets - personally to blame (even for other’s mistakes) and dissatisfied with own efforts

Red Chestnut

Fearful and anxious for other people’s safety, (especially loved ones) anticipating the worst when others are ill, travel or leave home.

Rock Rose

Extreme, acute  terror , panic.

Rock Water

Aspires to perfection and to be an example to others; a martyr, rigid, self-denying and repressed joy.


Hesitant, uncertain, indecisive re choices.

Star of Bethlehem

Shock, numbness, grief and sadness after a loss.

Sweet Chestnut



Almost destroyed, dark despair with no way out, painful unbearable anguish.

Over enthusiastic about a cause or belief, feels need to persuade others, incensed by injustices, tense.

Dominate and lead, always sure they are right.

Water Violet

White Chestnut


Influenced by ideas, atmospheres and people. Vulnerable at times of change  such as teething, puberty, adolescence, and menopause, new beginnings, endings, moving home, school, job, breaking past links.

Prefers to be alone, but sometimes lonely; disconnected from people, feels remote and distant.

Relentless unwanted circular thoughts means they might appear distracted and preoccupied.

Wild Oat


Wild Rose

Seeking a purpose/focus/aim in life but unable to  choose a direction.

Apathetic and resigned to life, bored, ‘whatever’ feeling (not unhappy)

Resentment, self-pity, bitter, feels a victim, feels ‘it’s so unfair’ ‘poor me’  (passive energy)


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A little low, discouraged,  despondent, self-doubting after a setback of some sort - there is hope left.

Overwhelmed, pressured or burdened; too many responsibilities leading to a crisis of confidence.

Feels self-disgust, unclean, dirty, used, contaminated or worthless; poor self-image.

Feels in need of detoxification and purifying.

Loves, but needs to see love in return. May feel hurt, rejected, unloved, offended and self-pitying. Possessive.

Dreamy, drowsy, indifferent, unfocussed, spacey.  Lives more in the future.

Greater hopelessness where faith or hope has gone and decides to give up.

Weary and weak before making an effort. Monday-morning feeling  Not able to face the day. Mental weariness.