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The remedies do not push down troubling emotions or feelings; instead they gently realign and restore balance. The process is very simple and gentle.


You have confirmed your selection and your personal mix reflects what is happening now.

Several sessions will gently peel away and rebalance the feelings which are causing you suffering and stress. Taking the mix regularly is the key for you to benefit and experiencing change. The changes can often happen quite quickly, but sometimes it may take a few weeks before you start to notice the difference.


Many people comment on how subtle the effects are - they gently 'notice' the difference. We also learn a new way of 'being' and our behaviour and responses may change.


They help you to feel more relaxed, calm, improve relationships, express your emotions/feelings and generally be more aware and receptive to life.


You will feel better physically too as your stress levels decrease and your mood lifts and improves.


Sometimes you may feel a stronger reaction whilst taking the remedies. This is normal and shows that the remedies are working. This is often noticed when you take your ‘type’ or core remedy/energy.


Where we are used to feeling a certain way, say tired and stressed; when this is balanced we may feel a little ‘spacey’. This is called feeling relaxed!


It may take a few days to adjust to this new way of feeling, but most people recognise that it is ok and nothing to worry about.  Initially there may be some ’resistance’.  If you feel a bit ‘wobbly’ it is recommended that you continue taking the mix and possibly a dose of Rescue Remedy to support the change. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact Tracy during office hours. The remedies are very effective, safe and simple to use for everyone from babies to the elderly.


The proof is in the taking – welcome to a new way of living!

Your Bach flower essence consultation

A consultation is a confidential, safe place to discuss feelings and situations which are causing difficulties, rather like a counselling session  - 'The talking therapy with extra support'


During this time several possible remedies will be indicated and noted.


The practitioner will reflect back and ask for clarification.Then the final selection is made together. Remedies work if the right one is selected so this an important part of the process - the client is fully involved.


A personal mix of remedies can be combined to balance moods, emotions, feelings and negative personality traits & lasts for 3 weeks.


They will work effectively and often quite quickly.


The benefit of visiting an experienced practitioner is their sound knowledge and skill with selecting exactly the right remedy. This is very important when a client is feeling very distressed and unhappy.


The opportunity to increase self-awareness is often a liberating experience.

It really is so simple to use Bach flower remedies.


Consultations also save time and money.


Leave with your personal mix of Bach flower remedies....

ready to face the world, happier and feeling supported and encouraged!

Consultations are available near Chichester or Skype/Telephone


One to one sessions: 1 hour £40 including personal mix of remedies

Half-hour follow up sessions available £20 available  (including mix of remedies)


Self-select 7 remedies from Feelings List  £10 plus £4 P&P


Children under 16  £30 including mix of remedies.


Convenient telephone consultations   1 hour £40 P&P free 1/2 hour £20 (+P&P)

£30 per hour if 4 sessions booked and paid for with first consultation


Group sessions from £20 per person. Available in your home and at work.


Concessions available - please ask


Sessions in the workplace for local small/medium size businesses - contact Tracy to discuss

One-to-one or cost-effective group sessions plus 1/2 hour mini sessions available

How the remedies work and what to expect